Saturday, July 13

Kelly Peterson 46 List

This is not an official record and not guaranteed to be current or accurate. It is my best attempt to compile a list from information gathered from various sources on the web, mainly, USCG, sailing blogs and owners.

Former Name
JKY460010682CharismaDon SalisburyUnited StatesCharade
JKY460020682DulcineaBrennan Johnson & Angelo EreseUnited States SAVAGE LADY II
JKY460030882TaraMichaelUnited StatesNOR’EASTER, Albion, Ladybug
JKY460041082Falcon VIIRobert & Laine Skinner
Trevor BuhlerCanadaStay Tuned, Pamparo
JKY460061282BravoAndrew ClimieAustraliaBravo (Previous owner blog)
JKY460070183 KAHULI United States Sprit
Hilary & Glennis NeilsonNew Zealand 
JKY460090583PHOENICIANJohn KerrUnited States 
JKY460100583Wabi SabiJohn and Claire EarwoodUnited StatesSwingset, Sturdy
JKY460110883Cabaret II
WolfgangUnited States 
JKY460120983Stargo United States Sundance
JKY460131283Morning StarDeclared Loss (06/2020)
United States 
JKY460140184KatanaPascal RoyetUnited StatesMangarev, The Harem Fool
JKY46015C585Maluhia United States
JKY46016E585Watercolors United States 
JKY46017H585CorinneTom SamfordUnited StatesMagic, Photon, Chaperone
JKY46018K585ALULA CanadaThe Rose, Hard Times II
JKY46019L585DON’T PANiCJasonUnited StatesHavana Goodtime
JKY46020H586PerspectiveBrad & Sarah
United StatesDoctor’s Orders
JKY46021H586KANALOAJeff and Angela BrantleyUnited States 
JKY46022????Katie GChuck GauthiersCanada 
JKY46023E686ExodusKevin LearyUnited States 
JKY46024G687IndraKristianne RiddleUnited States 
JKY46025I687New Horizons IVBurtUnited States 
JKY46026H687PUESTA DEL SOL United States 
JKY460271688WASABI I
Graham CourtAustralia Wasabi
JKY46029K889SERENITY III United States 
JKY46030F090EspritQuincy and MitchellUnited States

 Esprit (Previous owner’s website)

One observation I made while compiling the initial list above is how long owners of Kelly Petersons keep their vessels. Many of the boat have been owned well over 10 years, some for well over 20 years. The previous owners of my new boat had it for over 20 years.

Please leave a comment if you know of anything that could be added or updated.

Thank you.