Tuesday, June 18

Kelly Peterson 46


 LOA: 46′ 3″ “I” : 54′
 LWL: 40’10” “P” : 48′
 Beam: 13’4″ “J” : 18’3″
 Draft: 6’8″ “E” : 16′
 Disp: 33.300 lbs. Fuel: 150 gals.
 Ballast: 11.330 lbs. Water: 200 gals.
 Sail Area: 1100 sq. ft 
 Power: Diesel 

Born on the board of racing designer Doug Peterson, the Kelly/Peterson 46 moves with the power and grace of an ocean racer, yet surrounds you with luxury, comfort and convenience.

Kelly Peterson Original Brochure

Only 30 were made by Kelly Peterson46. There were many knock-offs, Fermosa and Hillier/Spindrift, though some claim the construction methods used on the copies does not compare to the original.

Since so few of the true Kelly Perterson’s were made, there is little information out there on them. You find a lot of information on the 44s and their copies and copies of the 46s, there were more made. Even a review by Jordan Yachts on the Kelly Peterson 46 still talks a lot on the 44s and much of the information they provide is based upon the 44s.

An original ad that was in Cruising World, December 1986.