Wednesday, May 22

And the water pump breaks…

Well I am learning that things do break at the worst possible time on a boat. Last night the water pump decided to quite right in the middle of a shower. It’s leaking and not priming. So, I’m in the boat running around naked covered in soap trying to get a bit more life out of it, no such luck. I end up rising off with cold drinking water and screaming like a girl splashing myself with cold water. By the way, no I do not have curtains on the port lights yet, so I may have been providing entertainment to my neighbors…no one said anything the next day.

The broken pump is old and discontinued but there lucky there is a newer version that is an in-place replacement for it, so I won’t need to make any modifications to install it. It ended up being a nice improvement from the older pump. I will try to rebuild the old pump and keep it as a spare if needed. The motor still works so I will see if I can scrounge any parts I need to fix it.

Boat ownership is entertaining and always an adventure.



    The new water pump has been installed. Being able to find a drop in-place upgrade made the installation easier. But it did take a while to get it to prime right, there was a lot of air in the system. As with all projects on the boat, multiply the time you think it will take by three and you’ll be closer.
    The new pump provides more pressure and draws less amps to do so. It doesn’t need an accumulator tank, but I left mine in place for now. I will eventually take apart the old one and see if it can be repaired, if the parts are available.

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