Tuesday, June 18

Hurricane Isaias

Lucky Hurricane Isaias turned out be been a non-event for my location in Florida. There wasn’t even any rain, just wind. The winds only reached 30 knots in my area and nicely rocked the boat which made for nice sleeping, While I had already experienced higher winds previously, it was a great learning experience on how the boat behaved in sustained stronger than normal winds. Luckily, I had just received new dock lines and used them them to prep for the storm. I did learn is that I needed some additional longer lines to use in storm situations. I still have another 240ft from the spool I ordered so I can make adjustments to the lines available. Rather than turn the rest of the line into some longer warps I will turn them in to extra 50ft lines to use as extra lines to use in case of future high-wind storms.

I would recommend to anyone in areas that could experience significantly higher winds then normal, even occasionally, to have a second set of storm lines available. While I had already over-sized my dock lines for my boat size/weight, I will still be adding additional line to secure my boat during storm conditions.

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