Tuesday, June 18

Chapter 12: Your FCC License

Did You Know?
Marine SSB operation still requires a Federal Communications Commission marine station license, as well as a restricted operators permit. Even though the Federal Communications Commission has stopped licensing certain VHF radio systems, your longer range marine single side band still needs the proper call letters.

FCC Form 506 Form 605 must be completed, following all instructions carefully. If you already have a valid VHF license, you will still use Form 506 Form 605, but indicate that you are requesting a modification.

Form 506 Form 605 is rather complex, but give it your best try by indicating “fee type code” as “PASR”, and a licensing fee for 10 years at $75 $220. Be sure to answer “Yes” on requesting a new or modified maritime mobile service identity number. This will give you capabilities for digital selective calling.

Check the category of transmitters for VHF, all EPIRB types, SSB for both bands, radar at 9300-9500 MHz, RTTY, and satellite. If you already have a selective call number be sure to list it. Same for your INMARSAT number—if you have one, list it!

Read the fine print on the form, and then send it on to the Federal Communications Commission. It may take several tries to get the license to go through; but when it does, you will be all set for your new marine SSB system.

Complete FCC Form 753 Form 605 for your personal operators permit. This is called the restricted operators permit, and it’s necessary for all SSB installations. If you will be carrying passengers for hire, you also need a marine radio operators permit. This requires a simple multiple-choice test to make sure you know how to run and operate a marine radio telephone. For information about the marine radio operators permit, and a simple book that prepares you for the test, call 1-(800) 669-9594 and ask for the Gordon West Commercial General Radiotelephone book.

The Federal Communications Commission may also have has these forms on the lnternet (http://www.fcc.gov), and you may be are able to go online and apply for all of this right at the computer.