Saturday, July 13

My new Boat

It has finally happened. The money, the boat, and the desire all came together this past February. And on March 27th, 2020 I became the next owner of a Kelly Peterson 46. The sale took a while for a few reasons, but mainly was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which complicated getting certain things done to complete the sale. In the end the wait was worth it. Now for the next adventure in my life, turning my new sailboat into my new home.

As sailors are known to be a superstitious bunch, I sort of fall into that group. That is why you may notice the previous name of the boat masked. Sadly, due to the current conditions of the world these days, the renaming ceremony will be a private affair.

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  • The Boat

    Ooo, it tickles.
    He doesn’t even own me yet in that picture and he’s already giving me a bath. And I heard talk of a new bottom paint job. I think I will like my new captain.

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